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Trongsa Dzong

Book Bhutan Tour è concesso in licenza n.1033320 e codice ISC: ISIC-63040 dal Consiglio del Turismo del Bhutan, che è l’ente governativo di regolamentazione del turismo; ed è anche membro attivo dell’Associazione degli Operatori Turistici  Bhutanesi (ABTO) bt / membri / libro-bhutan-tour / anche con l’apprezzamento per il servizio professionale offerto dal Dr. Andreas Baum, Ambasciatore della Svizzera per […]


Bhutan Bird Festival will be held at Berti Eco-camp site under Trong Gewog in Zhemgang. Zhemgang is recognized as a potential area for bird watching because a large number of native bird species found there. During the festival, different artworks are showcased. Besides this, guided birding tours and photography tours are also organized. Start from […]


Laya Gasa Trekking

Bhutan, das Königreich im Himalaya Bhutan liegt, verborgen in den Bergen des Himalayas, eingeklemmt zwischen seinen grossen Nachbarn Indien im Süden und China im Norden. Mit nur 38,398 km2 hat es etwa die Grösse der Schweiz. Seine exakte Position ist 88° 45’ – 92°10’ östliche Breite und 26°40’ – 28°15’ nördliche Breite. Bis auf den […]

Bhutan Naked Dance Festival

Black Naked Dance Festival Jambay lhakhang is located in Bumthang and is situated on the way to the Kurjie Lhakhang. It’s a ten minutes drive to the temple from the Chamkhar town. Jambay Lhakhang is one of the oldest temples in the kingdom. It was founded by, Songtsen Gampo, a Tibetan King in the 7th […]


Thimphu Dzong

How to transfer tour payment to bhutan Only selected tour business in Bhutan can accept Bhutan Tour Online Payment as an option and service to their customers. The transfer of tour payment to Bhutan is mostly done through wire transfer. Now Book Bhutan Tour can assist both card online tour payment and wire transfer at […]

How to Book Bhutan Tour

Paro International Airport

How to Book Bhutan Tour All tourists must obtain an E-visa and flight ticket before arriving in Bhutan. Visas are issued after you have made a full tour payment to the Tourism Council for your entire trip of Bhutan. The money remains with the Tourism Council until your trip inside Bhutan is complete. The travel […]

People of Bhutan

People of Bhutan

People of Bhutan People of Bhutan more than 75% of the total population, of little more than 750,000 people, lives in rural areas. And agriculture is the primary source of their livelihood. The population, except in a few major towns, is sparsely distributed. Villages are separated by rugged mountains, vast valleys, and rivers. Until very […]