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Book Bhutan Tour, is based in Bhutan providing many advantages over a foreign-based travel company. No one knows Bhutan the way we do, from the places that you would want to visit, to the events that you will surely attend. Being a Local Bhutan Tour Company, we are able to consistently survey all locations of interest as well as inspect the quality of all facilities such as hotels, restaurants, and transportation in Bhutan.

Bhutan Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) discount

Bhutan has announced a new travel incentive on Bhutan’s Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) which is designed to encourage longer stays with terms and condition applied…

Most Appreciated Bhutan Tour Company
by embassy of Switzerland

Appreciation extended for professional Bhutan Tour Service provided by Book Bhutan Tour to the Embassy of Switzerland. Our valuable clients were happy and fully satisfied with the quality of service provided during their Tour to Bhutan. Most importantly, our clients were totally satisfied with the type of hotels and the quality of services provided during their stay in Bhutan.

Application certification and tour photos can be seen in the link provided Swiss flag below.

Bhutan Luxurious Tour

Bhutan Luxurious tour is all about getting the best of Bhutan without compromising on comfort. With so many options, from locations to itineraries,  Bhutan Luxurious Tour has so much to offer . Our Luxury Tour Package is crafted in a way that the magic of Bhutan is revealed in all its scenic, spiritual and artistic glory while you experience the ultimate luxury Bhutan has to offer.

Bhutan Tours In best offer for you

Customized tours, trekking, and festival packages to Bhutan you can choose from. With our knowledge, proficiency, and resources, we possess the ability to offer extremely customized services for travelers visiting Bhutan.


Best of Bhutan Cultural Tour

Bhutan's best cultural tour diversity and richness are profound, strong emphasis is laid on the promotion and preservation of the unique culture of Bhutan. Book our range of Bhutan Cultural Tours and explore this uniqueness.

Best Trekking in Bhutan

Select from a range of Adventures, treks in Bhutan, be it a day hike
or multi-day trekking in Bhutan ranging from 8 days to 29
days. Come and enjoy the beauty of this Himalayan country while Trekking in Bhutan.

Bhutan Famous Festival

The Bhutanese Religious festivals Tours event celebrated on the tenth day of a month of the lunar calendar are called Tshechu or Festival in Bhutan. The exact month of the Tshechu or Festivals varies from place to place and Lhakhang temples and Dzongs around the country.

Bhutan Agro Tour

Bhutan Agro-tourism tours

The majority of people in Bhutan live in rural areas and depend on farming as their main source of livelihood. Our Agrotourism tours offer travelers the opportunity to stay with farming families, visit local manufactures and explore more rural villages off the beaten track.

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Small Group or FIT Tour Packages

Punakha Festival Tour

Punakha Festival Tour

19th - 21st February 2024
18 Reviews
Sacred and most famous festival mask dances and folk dances are performed by the Central Monastic Body, as well as the public of Punakha district.

Drukpath Trek

Druk Path Trek

05th - 10th September 2024
20 Reviews
Druk Path Trek is among the easiest treks in Bhutan, it passes through a gorgeous natural landscape of blue pine forests and pristine lakes.

Himalayan valley tour

Central Bhutan Tour

17th - 26th August 2023
12 Reviews
Explore Bhutan’s central valleys, rich with ancient historical and sacred Buddhist sites. Discover some of the most sacred Buddhist monasteries and temples.

Jumolhari Trek

Jumolhari Trek

10th - 27th April 2024
9 Reviews
Popular trekking routes in Bhutan, with altitude ranging from 2,500m to nearly 5,000m, offering a wide range of landscapes, fauna, and flora. Witness the spectacular view of Mount Jomolhari from Jomolhari Base camp, which will be an unforgettable lifetime experience to this Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.

Glimpses of Bhutan Tour

04th - 10th July 2023
10 Reviews
An ideal introduction to the Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan, exploring Western Bhutan. Experience Bhutanese hospitality and well preserve the traditions and cultures and the “country isn’t just carbon neutral — it’s carbon negative” which is forest cover more than 65%, admire the ever-changing landscape.

Jambay Lakhang Drup

28th Oct - 31st October 2023
During this 5 days festival program, Terchham (Naked Dance) is performed by the local villagers from Bumthang district, Central Bhutan. The 7th century Tibetan king Songsten Gampo is said to have built 108 temples in one day and Jambay Lhakhang in Bumthang is believed to be one of them.

Specialized Bhutan Adventure Trip

Customized adventure trip packages to Bhutan you can choose from. With our capability, proficiency, and resources, we possess the ability to offer extremely customized services for guest to Bhutan.

Bhutan Bird Watching

Bhutan is aparadise for bird lovers ans safe home for the many kinds of birds that are in danger of extinction, including the Imperial Heron, which is one of the fifty rarest birds in the world and the rare Black-Necked Crane, which breeds in Tibet and then migrates over the Himalayas to Bhutan during the winter months.

Bhutan Biking Trip

Bhutan Motorbiking trips go through well paved roads while others trail on to dirt roads and trails. Traffic is still relatively very light and the experience very intimate, biking is now becoming a very unique and exclusive way of seeing and networking with the country, people and the Bhutanese atmosphere.

Bhutan Cycling Trip

Cycling trip to Bhutan is mountainous scenery of Bhutan gives itself well to both on-road or off-road mountain biking and the sport is seeing increasing and admiration among both visitors and Bhutanese equally. There is a diversity routes accessible ranging from smooth trips on paved roads to challenging off-road.

Hear from our clients

Markus group

Buthan Tour hat für unsere kleine Reisegruppe (4 Personen) im Juni 2018 eine wunderbare Reise in Buthan organisiert. Wir haben neben Thimphu auch Punakha im Osten und Ha im Westen besucht. Der Bus war bequem und alle Hotels sehr angenehm. Die Begleitung durch Ram, Tensing und den Fahrer war sehr angenehm. Es war eine sehr interessante Reise durch ein wunderbares Land.

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Anna Family

May 2019. We two had a trip through the west part of Bhutan for 9 days. Was very good! As to agency, to Ram, to our guide Sajan so many thanks:) We had a very good company with smart, interesting interlocutors, humorists, that had made our self feelings of the trip easy and soulful. Ram was very attentive to us, to our wishes and feelings, еspecially eating habits, and helped us to get our favorite meals.

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Dr. Andreas Group

Appreciation extended for professional Bhutan Tour Service provided by Book Bhutan Tour to the Embassy of Switzerland. Our valuable clients were happy and fully satisfied with the quality of service provided during their Tour to Bhutan. Most importantly, our clients were totally satisfied with the type of hotels and the quality of services provided during their stay in Bhutan.

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Petra Group

Every minute of this 14 day trip from the east to the center of Bhutan was a delight! We had a unique experience and the opportunity to get an unforgettable insight into this marvelous country due to Ram, our skilled and warm-hearted guide, which had worked in the past in different Swiss cooperation programs knowing interesting people.

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Mr. Benson Group

I cannot recommend this company highly enough. The communication is outstanding from the start. The owner -Ram- deals with you directly and will call you to talk about your trip in detail and what he can offer if you prefer rather than exchanging tons of emails. He follows up with lots of links and offerings before setting the itinerary. His English, knowledge, and enthusiasm will be evident when you talk to him.

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Kellsmart family

Before visiting Bhutan, we did research and found the Book Bhutan Tour website, we visited a website and we found that they have served mostly Swiss Diplomats guests, for that reason we immediately reserve through Book Bhutan Tour. Ten days tour to Bhutan is an amazing experience. We are fortunate to have Nawang Drakpa (our guide) who is knowledgeable, kind, and understanding. He ensures our safety and attentive to our needs.

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Caroline Müller family

We traveled as a Swiss couple for 8 days with Mr. Ram, the owner, and Mr. Migma, our guide. We had a great experience with them and learned a lot about the country, the people, and Buddhism. Many interesting temples and monasteries, beautiful scenery with mountain ranges, rice fields, villages where time stood still, hikes off the beaten track, great hotels, good food, nice farm stay with boiling hot stone bath, We recommend Mr. Ram, a very knowledgeable, helpful, and well-organized tour operator.

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Mr. Chandan Family

If you want to see the real Bhutan then look no further than Mr Ram Dorji. Not only he would go out of the way to make the best of your tour but will make sure when you leave Bhutan you take great memories with you! I have traveled across the world and many tour agencies help you build REEL memories but Ram would make sure you have REAL memories. He is an asset to Bhutan and Bhutan tourism.
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Stephanie & Randel

We have visited a lot of countries but Bhutan is very special and with Ram and Book Bhutan Tours it was even more special. From the time they picked me and my wife up from the airport to the 10 days later they dropped us off again, they never stopped smiling. We had so much fun with them and the knowledge they shared about the country was amazing.
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Esther group

Bhutan, the land of the thunder dragon and happiness! We were 4 women with the dream to travel in this small, hidden, not of many known countries to understand Bhutan, the land of the thunder dragon and happiness! We were 4 women who had the dream to travel to this small, unknown country to understand a little bit of the culture, the secrets, and the mystic behind it.

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Lisa Milnor

I’ve just got back from my second tour in this totally captivating country, this time leading a 12 night yoga and meditation tour. Our theme was Joy and oh my did we have the most joyous time ever! Every day was an adventure and our small group of six (including our guide Sajan and driver Raj) soon became great friends sharing unforgettable memories.

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United Kingdom

Mr. David Tolson group

What an amazing time we had with Book Bhutan Tours! Our guide Sajan and drivers Raj and LB were knowledgeable, thoughtful, and good company. The owner Ram takes great interest in how your tour is going, keeping in touch and meeting up where possible.
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United Kingdom

Klaus Uta Group

Great country, great people, great scenery, great weather, great guidance. We visited Bhutan for 7 days as a mix of hiking and culture- organized by Mr. Ram- the owner of Book Bhutan Tours. The tour was guided by Mr. Ngawang and Mr. Dorji. We can highly recommend those two guys.
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