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“Individuals can and do make a difference, but it takes a team to really mess things up”

Ram Dorji Tamang

Ram Dorji Tamang

Founder / Managing Director

Book Bhutan Tour is the outcome of a career in International Cooperation. For the past 15 years, I have worked for German Technical Cooperation (GIZ), Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation (HSI), and the Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation (SDC) in Bhutan; it gave me vast experience in office management, logistics, and guiding. I have accompanied trekkers on all trekking routes of Bhutan, from the high Himalayas to lower altitude sub-tropical zones. I have also traveled to many European and South East Asia countries which back me up with global knowledge.

Additionally, I expanded my skills with a graduate course in Advanced Management at Kesetsart University Thailand in 2007.

I enjoy every tour as a new and unique experience. Basic knowledge of flora & fauna identification, bird watching, and textiles, as well as a sound knowledge of religious sites and adventure travel in Bhutan, turns every journey into something new, something fascinating.

I am very happy to welcome you to my country, show you its wonders and help you get in touch with its beauty. It’s my pleasure to turn your wishes into reality as I am seeing my dream of a travel agency that truly connects Bhutan to people from all over the world come true.


Bengt-Ake Svensson and Annika Svensson

Sales Executive and Tour Leader (Sweden/Srilanka and Bhutan)

Serendo was founded by B-Å (Bengt-Åke) and Annika Svensson, an entrepreneurial couple from Småland with a big heart and a drive to make a difference wherever they are in the world. Since 2016, they live in the city of Negombo on the west coast of Sri Lanka. They say that moving to Sri Lanka is one of the best things they have ever done.

B-Å & Annika also run several other businesses and projects in Sri Lanka to create jobs. Their main focus is Focus Business School, a school that provides knowledge on how to start and run your own business with good ethics and morals. The ultimate aim of the school is for students to become self-sufficient.

Annika has three businesses, all aimed at helping Sri Lankan women find work. One of those companies is Ceylon Design, which sells handmade jewelry and hair accessories made by Sri Lankan women, which are then sold to Sweden. She also runs two second-hand businesses in the country, an effort that is growing rapidly despite the fact that second-hand is still rare in Sri Lanka.

Lisa milnor

Representative and ‘Joyful’ Tour Leader (United Kingdom)

On my first vis’it to Bhutan, I instantly fell in love with the country’s dramatic and varied landscapes, its culture and spiritual heritage, and above all the kindness and happiness of its people.  It felt only natural to want to share this with others and consequently I now arrange and lead cultural and walking tours in Bhutan with an emphasis on joyfulness!  Optional activities offered in these Joyful Tours include yoga and meditation often practiced outdoors in the most stunning of locations. I also assist with fundraising and raising awareness of the charity Opening Your Heart to Bhutan  (founded by Emma Slade/Ani Pema Deki.

We are really grateful for the kind donations that Book Bhutan Tour makes to this charity which supports initiatives that offer training to less-abled and disadvantaged children and young adults across Bhutan. For details of next year’s tour to Bhutan please kindly visit the website here 


Gino Granieri

Photographer/Tour Leader (Zurich, Switzerland)

Since I am 15. IT education and besides Photography of about 60 weddings. Later photo customers like Bridgestone, Emmi, Dior, Mercedes-Benz, Alpenglühn Optics (Reportage for a charity project in Bhutan), and other famous brands.
As per September 2019 official student of Spéos Photography School, Paris, and then be full-time Photographer. 

Mark Beukeboom

Sales Executive and Tour Leader (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Since I’m 17 I’ve regularly been taking long trips to new countries. I currently work in IT consultancy in Amsterdam, and I’m an avid photography hobbyist. During my trips, I’m always looking for distinct landscapes, unique cultures, and new cuisines. Bhutan truly has it all. The people are very friendly, and the culture is unique in every way. My advice to you goes hiking in Bhutan for at least a day, and talk to the people around you. You’ll find that Bhutanese people speak surprisingly good English. If you have any questions regarding places to visit, what to bring, or other questions on logistics, etc., feel free to contact me as I’m a representative of Book Bhutan Tour in the Netherlands.


Lina Tarigan

Sales Executive and Tour Leader (Indonesia)

Lina Tarigan has started Tourism in Indonesia and other overseas countries for more than 8 years. She has great experience in trekking, climbing mountains, scuba diving, and other overland tours both in Indonesia and in many countries. Her active and strong spirit as well as her capability in building networking worldwide has brought her here to strengthen our Company Tour & Travel to its best achievement. As Business Development Director, she leads sales and client-relationship management, tracks new markets and emerging trends, recommends new products and services, proposes and develops new strategic partnerships, writes proposals and plans, and guides long-term objectives to meet business needs and requirements of the touring world for the benefit of the company.

Local Employees

Purna Bdr Tamang

Senior Finance Manager

Purna Bdr Tamang has been associated with Book Bhutan Tour for several years in the finance division. His position as the Finance Manager allows him to work with numbers, his favorite subject. He holds a Diploma in Public Accounting from the United Kingdom and has undergone many intensive courses in finance management.

Purna senior-most in finance is excellent finance with more than 15 years of experience working under the Royal Audit Department in the Royal Government of Bhutan and currently working with Book Bhutan Tour.

Ticketing Manager

Tshering Lhamo

Ticketing Manger

Tshering Lhamo is a strong passionate woman well known for her utmost ticketing service for Book Bhutan Tour. Her work ethic and her ability to be the social butterfly make her easygoing on any kind of ticketing dealings. 

She is from Samtse (Southern Bhutan). Her highest education was till high school. Ever since the completion, she has pledged to take part in Book Bhutan Tour as a Ticketing Manager.


Bhutan Hotel Reservation

Zangmo Tamang

Hotel Reservation

Zangmo Tamang has shown a great impression at work from the very first day. It’s really admirable to see how she deals with the work from conception to completion. 

She belongs from Tsirang(Southern Bhutan). She has completed her high school and ever since then she has been loyally working for Book Bhutan Tour.

Arjun Kumar Rai

MTO & Driver

Arjun Kumar Rai ranks among the gentle souls who provide an impression of a man of few words bordering with shyness. After a few lines of conversation with the guests, he turns red with blushes. He fit the bills perfectly with his traits of gentleness, humbleness, calmness that require most in order to man work graceful roads of Bhutan.

He is from a rural village in Samtse (Southern Bhutan), He has completed grade 10 then join training in Technical Training Institute Thimphu Changzamtog, Thimphu.

After being a driver and with a handful of experience, he joined Book Bhutan Tour in 2020. And he has been driving with a great level of dedication.

Sajan Rai

Cultural & Trekking Tour Leader

Sajan, one of Book Bhutan Tour’s senior-most guides, is an exceptional guide with more than 15 years of experience under his belt. As a second-generation member, he understands the tourism industry thoroughly. He is one of the first guides in the country to be formally trained by the Tourism Council of Bhutan as a cultural tour leader.

Sajan is described as a very Jolly and humorous man. He never fails to put a smile on the faces of his guests and enjoys a tour full of laughter and jokes. Sajan was born in the Tsirang Southern. He loves making new friends and periodically meets up with his guests from time to time to share old jokes and memories.

Migma Tshering

Cultural Guide

Development in Tourism in Bhutan has also its share of impact on young minds. With tourists freely moving around, the curiosities to know them, talk to them holds ground firmly on young minds. Migma is one among many youths whose imagination was captured by the razzmatazz of tourism.

He has his career goal cut out, he could have easily opted for some comfortable desk jobs, after passing out in flying colors from prestigious Degree in (Political Science Honours at North Bengal University, India but he chose to pursue his dream, he loved to be in the field, among the guests, so it was only matter of time to enroll for guiding course. Worked as a free-lance tour guide in different travel companies for the past five years and currently working permanently in Book Bhutan Tour.

Passang Moktan

Tour Leader

Moktan started his career at a very young age of 18 as a culture guide after being inspired by his father who himself served Bhutan tourism industries for such a long time. He always has been a fun-loving guy who tries to be happy in every aspect of life.

He is a full packaged entertainer as dancer, singer, and delicious meal maker, it is what he always does and wants to do.

He likes to explore hiking trail constantly as it keeps him engaged in learning new things and teaches to accept challenges in life.

“Working as Assistant front desk officer / tour guide in the tourism industry has always made always a better person every day.”     -Moktan.

Chhogyal Wangdi

Chhogyal Wangdi

Cultural Senior Guide

Mr. Chhogyal Wangdi and he from the southwest part of Bhutan called Phuentsholing. As a growing teenager, he loves to enjoy visiting places and meeting new people but couldn’t figure out in which profession his hobbies fit. He started to work in the tourism industry in 2008 in one of the offices where he was designated for reservations and corresponding with office agents abroad, and once he got chances to visit for a tour with one of the agents from the United State of America (USA). He establishes out interest is in guiding, and from 2017 he started to work as a full-time guide in Book Bhutan Tour. He really adores the present profession where he gets a chance to meet different people from around the countries, talk and share knowledge and visit places.

Sonam Dorji

Trekking & Cultural Guide

 Mr. Sonam Dorji Tamang and is from the southwest part of Bhutan called Tsirang. As a growing teenager, he has an interest in travel, hiking, and photography. He started to work in the tourism industry in 2020 and he is a full-time guide in Book Bhutan Tour. He provides the tourist with a unique, unforgettable experience that encourages them to fully participate in what is going on around them and has learned how to lead visitors through sites of historical and cultural interest.

As a true professional he always displays a true passion for what he does. He loves to do hiking and really adores the present profession where he gets a chance to meet different people from around the country, talk and share knowledge.

Wangmo Tamang

Human Resources Administrator

Mrs. Wangmo Tamang is our newly joined HR. She had completed higher education in Economics( Hons.) with a diploma in Liberal Studies in Human Resource Management. She Handles onboarding process for newly hired employees, which includes distribution of all paperwork. Managed employee data and privacy to keep employee data confidential per organizational privacy policies and collaborated with managers to identify and address employee relations issues. She effectively improved office efficiency by effectively managing internal communications and correspondence.

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