What are the Bhutan Tourism New rules?

Until 2020, foreign tourists were charged a flat minimum fee of USD:250 per person per night for a fully organized tour, of which USD:65 went to the Royal Government of Bhutan to help fund free education and healthcare for Bhutan’s people. Starting September 2022, foreign tourists are now charged a USD:200 per person per night […]

First Lockdown in Bhutan

First Lockdown in Bhutan

Bhutan has declared it’s first lockdown of Covid-19 from 11th August 2020 until further notice.

Sustainable Development Fee, for regional tourists.

A regional Leisure tourist shall be liable to pay concessional tourism levy of Nu: 1,200/ (one thousand two hundred only) per night halt as Sustainable Development Fee. Regional Leisure Tourist means Nationals of. India. Bangladesh Maldives. However, it will not include those who come for business, construction work and employment as per existing rules. This […]

When tourism reopens after Covid-19 pandemic in Bhutan

When tourism reopens after the Covid-19 pandemic in Bhutan, the government will have to take measures to promote tourism as a year-round activity. It should also encourage the spread of tourism activities in tourism deficient regions of Bhutan. This is according to the draft Tourism Policy of Bhutan 2020 that passed the review of the […]

COVID-19 Situation in Bhutan

Covid-19 in Bhutan

With the help of our bold leaders accompanied by the front line heroes, Bhutan as of now has no major outbreak of COVID-19 transmission in the public. The whole nation is are now fully aware and thus taking preventive measures to prevent a major outbreak. Case Study of COVID-19 in Bhutan The national situation in […]

Fishing Trip in Bhutan.

Bhutan cultural tour and combined with a fishing tour. The place is fishing friendly for the rivers in Bhutan are full of a plethora of fish namely, snow trout, brown trout and also the golden mashers in the southern regions of the country. Best time and season Fishing in Bhutan. The best season and time […]

COVID-19 Coronavirus in Bhutan outbreak.

Bhutan is totally shut down for the tourism business until further notice of the Royal Government of Bhutan. Only five cases of novel coronavirus were detected in Bhutan so far. As of now, there is no ongoing local transmission. Read more detailed info in this FAQ! What is the current situation in Bhutan amid the […]

Beautiful Hike in Thimphu Bhutan

There are many hiking trails in Thimphu, but the most beautiful and scenic nature hike overlooking the whole of Thimphu downtown is not other than Kuensel Phodrang Nature Hike. There is no other better hike other than Kuensel Phodrang Nature Hike where the trail admits the blue pine forest. The starting point of the hike: […]

Bhutan hiking trail cleaning camping

On the joyous occasion of the birth of the second Royal Child and offer our sincere prayers for the Prince’s long and healthy life at the same time Book Bhutan Tour guides organize one day hiking trail cleaning camping from Taba, to above ELC High School Thimphu. Form the management side acknowledged and much appreciation […]

Drukair fly from Dili Timor to Paro Bhutan

With just 4 aircraft, Royal Bhutan Airlines now introduces commercial flight operation to Dili in East Timor, which is in the Southern part of the Equator. Now Drukair will fly twice a week from Singapore to East Timor. Drukair says it increases aircraft utilization. Otherwise, Drukair’s aircraft remain idle during night halts in less restricted […]