With the help of our bold leaders accompanied by the front line heroes, Bhutan as of now has no major outbreak of COVID-19 transmission in the public. The whole nation is are now fully aware and thus taking preventive measures to prevent a major outbreak.

Case Study of COVID-19 in Bhutan

The national situation in Bhutan of COVID-19 cases has reached to 77 cases(01.07.2020). The fear as of now is mild among the people of Bhutan. All of the reported cases of COVID-19 were all imported and therefore were detected in the quartine facilities.

The government of Bhutan is so far going smoothly in this pandemic even though there has been a major economic effect globally. The government of Bhutan has still not failed to provide free medical facilities for all.

Bhutan is currently in the orange pandemic stage. With the small strength of populations in the country, it has been a great favor for the country and the people.

The majority of cases reported were amongs the youth who went abroad for their studies and work. The young adult are seen to be healthy and therefore, being recovered. Recovery cases have scaled up to 50 as of now indicating great news to all.

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