There are many hiking trails in Thimphu, but the most beautiful and scenic nature hike overlooking the whole of Thimphu downtown is not other than Kuensel Phodrang Nature Hike. There is no other better hike other than Kuensel Phodrang Nature Hike where the trail admits the blue pine forest.

The starting point of the hike: Buddha Point, Kuensel Phodrang Nature Hike & End Point of the Hike: Changangkha Lhakhang, the oldest temple in Thimphu.

Walking Distance: 5 Kilometers | Duration: 2 Hours | Difficulty level: 0 – 1 Grade (Easy – Flat, Gradual climb and down)

Preparations: Walking Stick, hats, Sunglasses and sun scream, Candy and energy bars, juices and water.

It’s a refreshing hike that everyone would love it! This hike can be done from either way round. You can start it from the Buddha point or from Changangkha Lhakhang but it’s much easier to start from Buddha point.

After 10 minutes of walk, we have this view, where everyone loves to pose for the pictures even the kids in full mood. The trails ascends gradually admits the blue pine. You can also start hearing the birds and breezes. Then the way leads up to the green dwarf bamboo bushes where sometime we could see the Himalayan Kalish Pheasants, Spotted Nut Crackers, Green Backed Tits, etc.

Wonderful view of the whole capital Thimphu City.  For this view, you don’t need to do the whole hike. Just walk for 10 minutes from the Buddha statue and you can get to see this refreshing hike; you must do this if you have time and if you like hiking.

The most important things that I, wanted to request with you all please take care of your trashes! It’s a serene nature, it’s the clean home for those species – If you do not litter, then only we assume that you love nature.

Thimphu Kuensel Phodrang Nature Hike is also a cycling trail; therefore it’s quite flat and wide. If you like cycling, you should also try this, it’s quite an adventure.

Finally, you could also visit the Biggest Statue of Buddha, which is, of course, the main highlight of the hike. It is 169 ft. tall, which is considered to be the biggest Buddha statue in the world. Descending down by these stairways has an amazing view of the Buddha.

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