If you are planning on driving your own car to visit Bhutan, you will need to process an authorized letter from Royal Safety and Transport Authority.

The authorized letter from RSTA allows travelers to drive their own car while visiting Bhutan. To process the authorized letter, the following documents are required:

1. Vehicle insurance
2. Vehicle fitness certificate

3. Vehicle emission test certificate.
4. Authorized letter from the owner of the car in case the driver is not the owner of the car
5. Valid driver’s license Original
6. E-permit or E-Visa copy
7. Copy of Passport/voter ID card
8. Duly filled the RSTA form

Note* Name of the applicant should match all documents submitted for processing and avail of the RSTA form, you are required to visit the RSTA office.

Use of own vehicle to visit Bhutan and including two-wheelers.

They will be facilitated upon payment of Nu: 4,500/- per day at the port of entry upon verification and inspection of documents and vehicle.

They further need to register on Check Post Management System (CPMS)

Website: https://1010.bt/epass/apply/

With the authorized letter obtained, the traveler will now be able to drive anywhere in Bhutan as per your e-permit and e-visa.

The owner of the vehicle must be the same person. If the driver and owner are different, an authority letter from the owner to the driver is required.

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