Bhutan Regional Toursim Regulations

Bhutan Regional Tourists Rules

Regional tourists are the citizens of Bangladesh, India, and the Maldives visiting Bhutan for leisure tourism including those visiting Bhutan for pilgrimage.

However, it will not include those who come for business, construction work, and employment as per existing rules.

BTN: 1,200/ sustainable development fee (SDF) goes towards free education, free healthcare, poverty alleviation, and infrastructure building.

How much is SDF for Indians, Bangladesh and Maldives to visit Bhutan?
The SDF for Indians will be INR: 1,200/ per person per night for adult.
INR: 600/ per child per night for 6 to 12-year children.
Free for children 5 years & below.

SDF Payment & Currency 
SDF can be paid to Book Bhutan Tour in Indian Rupees through RTGS/NEFT. We accept online payments as well.

Tour Payments from India to Bhutan
Tour payment can be made by wire-transferring/NEFT/RTGS or by using cards to Book Bhutan Tour.

Why you should pay SDF and Book the tour with Book Bhutan Tour?
1. Guaranteed services in the desired manner to deepen your experience while in Bhutan.
2. Process e-permit in advance for visiting places and sightseeing.
3. Safe and secure personal attentiveness during a vacation in Bhutan.
4. Book Bhutan Tour takes responsibility for the entire period of your tour.
5. Ensure hassle-free and trustworthy services in Bhutan.
6. Ease of making tour preparations with any day departure.
7. Get the best deals for the best properties and excellence services.
8. Enter Bhutan even during weekends and Government holidays.

This Act comes into force on the 11th Day of the 5th Month of the Iron Male Rat Year corresponding to the 1st of July 2020.

Please find the FAQ regional tourist flyer here: Regional tourist regulations

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