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Bhutan follows a principle of “high-value low impact tourism”. This means that the industry must be environmentally friendly, and socially and culturally acceptable. The government strongly adheres to this policy. This regulation helped to promote Bhutan as an exclusive destination. It serves the purpose of creating an image of exclusivity and high yield for Bhutan. Today, Bhutan is one of the most famous visited countries in the world.

Bhutan is considered globally a hotspot for biodiversity. It has been able to preserve its spectacular environment throughout the centuries. The ecological diversity within its small boundaries is amazing. It is home to different kinds of animals like elephants, rhinoceros, tigers, leopards, mountain goats, bears, birds, blue sheep, and snow leopards.

The need to revere the diversity of life has guided Bhutan to maintain and respect its natural environment. This makes Bhutan one of the best examples of sustainable ecotourism and a natural paradise on earth.

The Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan mandates that the country shall maintain 60 percent of forest cover for all times to come. It is also in line with the principles of Gross National Happiness. This overarching development philosophy includes the preservation of the environment as one of the pillars.

Buddhist principles continue to inspire modern-day government policies. Today, more than 70 percent of Bhutan is covered by forests. Of the total forests, a substantial portion is made up of national parks, protected areas, and wildlife sanctuaries.

The forests and other ecosystems dwell close to 700 species of birds, 200 species of mammals such as the Golden Langur and White Bellied Heron, and more than 3,000 plant species.
Being famous for its pristine nature, Bhutan has ten formally protected areas covering more than half of the total area of the country.

There are five National Parks, four Wildlife Sanctuaries, one Strict Nature Reserve, eight Biological Corridors, and one Botanical Park located across the country. It covers 51.44 percent of Bhutan with 19, of land and total forest coverage of 71 percent.