Book Bhutan Tour is a premier luxury tour operator in Bhutan, recognized as one of the finest travel agencies, specializing in high-end experiential tours. Officially certified by the Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Bhutan, it prides itself on offering exclusive and culturally immersive experiences.

Bhutan is renowned for its adherence to the principle of “high-value low impact tourism.” This commitment prioritizes environmental preservation, social responsibility, and cultural sensitivity, forming the cornerstone of government policy. This approach has elevated Bhutan as an exclusive and sought-after destination, showcasing its commitment to exclusivity and sustainable tourism. Consequently, Bhutan has gained worldwide acclaim as one of the most visited countries.

Globally celebrated for its biodiversity, Bhutan has successfully preserved its breathtaking natural environment over centuries. The country’s small geographical area hosts an astonishing ecological diversity, housing diverse species such as elephants, rhinoceroses, tigers, leopards, mountain goats, bears, an array of birds, blue sheep, and snow leopards.

The reverence for life’s diversity propels Bhutan to meticulously preserve and honor its natural surroundings, making it a beacon of sustainable ecotourism and an unparalleled natural paradise.

The Kingdom of Bhutan’s Constitution mandates the perpetual maintenance of 60 percent forest cover, aligning with the principles of Gross National Happiness, a comprehensive development philosophy that prioritizes environmental preservation.

The essence of Buddhist principles continues to shape contemporary government policies. Presently, over 70 percent of Bhutan is enveloped by forests, with significant portions designated as national parks, protected areas, and wildlife sanctuaries.

Bhutan’s diverse ecosystems are home to approximately 700 bird species, 200 mammal species including the Golden Langur and White-Bellied Heron, and over 3,000 plant species. Celebrated for its pristine natural beauty, Bhutan boasts ten formally protected areas covering more than half of the country’s total area.

These areas comprise five National Parks, four Wildlife Sanctuaries, one Strict Nature Reserve, eight Biological Corridors, and one Botanical Park, encompassing 51.44 percent of Bhutan’s landmass, with a total forest coverage of 71 percent.

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