Rural livelihoods Central and East

"tour takes the traveler to remote and rural villages of Central and Eastern Bhutan"

This tour takes the traveller to remote and rural villages of Central and Eastern Bhutan. Farm stays and encounters with local manufacturers provide a unique insight into rural life. The main cultural highlights are Taktsang (Tigernest), Punakha Dzong, sacred temples in Bumthang valley, Membartsho and Gom Kora.

This itinerary is part of the specially designed agritourism tours, which are developed by our Swiss partner Tina Roner from Mountain Grassroots GmbH. Tina worked in the agriculture and forestry sectors in rural Bhutan and guides since many years regularly tours to Bhutan.

The agritourism tours explore rural life in Bhutan. The majority of Bhutanese live in rural areas and depend on farming as their main source of livelihood. The Agro-tourism tours offer travelers the opportunity to stay with farming families, visit local manufactures and explore rural villages off the beaten track. Authentic encounters with local residents are combined with short hikes and Bhutan’s main cultural highlights.
From the travel price of our agro-tourism tours are 5% donated to the Swiss non-for-profit Mountain Grassroots Association for agricultural development projects in Bhutan.

Note: For groups of less than three, the Royal Government of Bhutan imposes surcharges; surcharges are separated from minimum daily tour prices. You can also visit Tourism Department official website

Tour Itinerary